Terms and Conditions of Sale

§  Project phases / quotation numbers can be ordered individually

§  All prices are in Euros, excluding value added tax. Under the current legislation the VAT does not have to be shown separately on the invoice, as  the service must be taxed at the place of establishment of the recipient of the services Customer. If VAT is not charged in the invoice, the Customer ordering the services will declare the payable VAT in accordance with the rules on reverse-charge VAT.

§  Delivery shall be ex business establishment of INVENTUS.

§  INVENTUS retains title of ownership to the delivered merchandise until the purchase price has been paid in full.

§  The Customer cannot derive any rights from INVENTUS technologies / property rights through commissioning and/or purchase of prototypes. These must be agreed on separately. The Know-how of INVENTUS remains the property of INVENTUS. All rights remain with INVENTUS.

§  The Customer must not register Intellectual property rights on the development object or its derivation or technologies or otherwise needs prior approval from INVENTUS.

§  A non-disclosure agreement between the Customer and INVENTUS is legally binding.

§  The Customer shall make available all information required for the order immediately upon  order placement.

§  The offer remains  - depending on Customer’s requirements - subject to modifications.

§  Amendments of the scope of work have to be ordered separately.

§  INVENTUS cannot guarantee the development success. Should individual development steps not deliver the desired results, a dynamic adjustment to the working methods will be agreed between INVENTUS and the Customer.

§  The Actuators and the Triggering are prototypes. Compliance to the relevant norms and guidelines cannot be guaranteed. Operation requires highly qualified personnel. Use in critical application is not allowed.

§  Delivery and place of performance is INVENTUS GmbH business premises in St. Anton i. M. in Austria.

§  As far as proper fulfillment of the order requires the presence of the Supplier on the Customer’s premises, the Customer provides to the Supplier a suitable workplace inclusive Infrastructure and necessary data. Travel expenses will be charged according to proof of debit.

§  Payment:  30 % of the total amount upon order confirmation, 70 % within 4 weeks upon receipt of invoice net or otherwise agreed.

§  Travelling cost 0,90/km and travel expenses as agreed upon.

§  Validity of this quotation: one month

§  Compensation: The Customer waives all damage claims with regard to loss of profit, product failures and delayed or missing aim of assignment or development objective. This does not apply if the damage is caused deliberately or due to gross negligence.

§  INVENTUS and the Customer shall appoint member of staff as contact persons endowed with the necessary competences and capacities.

§  The Customer ensures that INVENTUS staff is provided with the necessary access authorization in order to execute the given task

§  All necessary data and information must be available in a timely way.


§  The Contract shall be governed by Austrian Law and the Customer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Austrian Court “Landesgericht Feldkirch” in Vorarlberg.